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Harpal Brar:
Trotskyism or Leninism?

This book is an excellent exposure of Trotskyism. Brar makes clear the theoretical falsity of Trotsky's views at the same time as he exposes Trotskyite positions on most major historical questions. At the same time, we must note certain secondary differences with the author, in particular regarding the class nature of the Soviet Union during the Khrushchev-Brezhnev period.


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Recent issues of Lalkar are available at their web site. We include some articles of interest from earlier issues.

October Revolution Celebrated in Woolwich, Lalkar, 1-2/97

Communist Party of Great Britain

Stalin: Slander and Truth, Communist Review, 1/50

Communist League

We are reprinting here some articles from the Communist League despite serious misgivings. We consider the Communist League, despite its profession of support for Stalin and despite some valuable work, to be essentially a neo-Trotskyite organization.

 On a theoretical level, it claims that concealed revisionists were in the majority in the leadership of the Soviet Communist Party since 1928 (right after the Bukharinites and the Trotskyites had been defeated ideologically), and it slanders great Marxist-Leninists such as Georgi Dimitrov as "concealed revisionists."

As a more immediate practical example, during NATO's war of aggression against Yugoslavia, the CL and its international ally, Alliance Marxist-Leninist, distorting the correct position of recognition of the right to self-determination for Kosova, took a pro-imperialist position of "a plague on both your houses." (Another international ally of the CL, the group CEMOPI from France, seems to have embarrassed both CL and Alliance by openly supporting NATO's war against Yugoslavia.)

A more in depth critique of both CL and Alliance is needed, but this is not the place for it. We have republished the articles below only because we think that they are overall correct and contain useful information.

Marxism and Class: Some Definitions, Communist League

Open Letter To The 'New Communist Party', Communist League, 11/91

The `Cult of the Individual' (1934-52), Bill Bland, 5/91

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