Rosenberg Memorial, Havana

As just one of many examples that shows the internationalist spirit of the Cuban revolution, there is a memorial to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in Havana.

The Rosenbergs were revolutionary workers of Jewish heritage who were arrested in 1950, in the McCarthy period that marked the early stages of the Cold War. They were framed on charges of stealing the "secret" of the atomic bomb and giving it to the Soviet Union. They refused to give any concessions to the U.S. government, which promised them leniency if they would make any criticism of the socialist Soviet Union. Despite demonstrations of millions of people in their defense in the U.S. and throughout the world, and statements of support from eminent personalities worldwide, they were executed by the U.S. government on June 16, 1953. The Rosenbergs considered themselves the first victims of U.S. fascism.

The text in Spanish on the memorial reads: "Por La Paz El Pan Y Las Rosas Enfrentemos Al Verdugo. Ethel Y Julius Rosenberg. Asesinados El 19 6 1953." In English this reads: "For Peace Bread And Roses We Will Face The Executioner. Ethel And Julius Rosenberg. Murdered June 19, 1953."

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