Secretariat of the Central Committee, All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
December 2, 1994

Regarding the Critical Situation in the Chechen Republic

In the last few days, the alarming situation in the Chechen Republic and the surrounding territory is developing into a civil war, with the concentration of Russian soldiers in this region. The City of Grozny is constantly being bombed by planes that are "unmarked." The Chechen Republic is faced with an ultimatum of either bowing before Yeltsin's diktat, or face complete destruction in an unequal war.

Russian internal troops and Army are armed and attacking the Chechen people under the pretext of "keeping peace." This all points to the fact that Yeltsinites have decided to use force in order to settle the Chechen problem. These acts are calculated in advance to stifle with terror any thoughts of a peaceful solution to the crisis.

First of all, this is an attack on a brother Chechen people, who are forced into a bloody conflict, due to the anti-peoples politics and actions of Yeltsin and his clique.

The politics of Yeltsin regarding the Chechen question -- this is also against the peaceful people of the Northern Caucasus and Caucasus in general, their traditional friendship with peoples of Russia; this is in fact am attack against ALL peoples of the Soviet Union, due to the anti-peoples policies and anti-socialism.

This act of settling the problem by war -- this is just one of many tendencies of Yeltsin's leadership, on which the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks many times stated and written in its publications and statements. The agitation and poisoning of relations between peoples, forming bases of army groupings, the policies of threats, ultimatums, diktat and of using force against the peoples of the former USSR -- all this is creating a serious crisis in many regions of the Motherland, with bloody clashes and terror on our territory. This also points to the complete bankruptcy of the Mafiosi political regime in settling the nationality questions.

The provocative path to use force in settling the Chechen question, no matter what kind of phraseology this is covered up by, nevertheless, this hides the basic interests of the people of the Caucasus and can be the beginning of a large scale civil war involving all of the peoples in this region.

Looking at these facts, the AUCPB is asking the workers, farmers, soldiers of the Russian Army, all workers of our Motherland to demand the cessation of these bloody efforts to drown in blood the Chechen people and put around their neck the yoke of colonialism. We demand immediate ceasing of hostilities and the withdrawal of the Russian Army from its territory thus giving the Chechen people the opportunity to decided their own future. We are appealing to Russian soldiers not to shoot against the Chechen people and not to listen to the commands that might bring terrible consequences by Yeltsin's "peacemakers"!

The All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks is appealing to the forthcoming 2ND CONGRESS OF THE PEOPLES OF THE USSR to adopt a special decision regarding thee Chechen people's plight, taking into account our Declaration.

Let the solidarity grow of the workers of our Motherland in the struggle against the anti-peoples politics of the Yeltsinites, for the resurrection of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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