From Northstar Compass
Published by Concerned Friends of Soviet People,
formerly Canada-USSR Association
Toronto, Canada
November, 1993

Fax received from All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
October 27, 1993

of the Central Committee of the
All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks

regarding the upcoming Elections and Referendum

The flames did not yet die out in the Russian Parliament Building in Moscow from Yeltsin's tanks and cannons while the Supreme Soviet of Peoples Deputies was in session, the blood was not yet washed away from the floors and pavements when these Yeltsin blood-thirsty hordes who celebrated their victory over their own brothers and sisters are now in a frenzy to conclude their anti-peoples program. This travesty of justice, murder, fascist takeover was not seen in the history of civilized mankind! This political banquet during the economic crisis, raping of the country's resources and genocide against its own peoples, this regime is trying to legitimize by a campaign of elections to the "Duma" and a "federal referendum." Yeltsin's actions against the Constitution of Russia and to forever bury the last vestiges of socialism and the present "bourgeois democracy."

The All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks considers that in the present situation of uncontrolled reaction and unprecedented plans for hooligan-controlled elections and referendum on December 12th, while the elected representatives to the Soviets were disbanded in cities and towns; absolving the blood-letting in Moscow would be legitimizing the anti-peoples organs of the present regime. During these upcoming elections, we already know who will be the "victor" and who will be the victims.

In this situation, to propose candidates to take part in the sham elections to the Duma and to take part in a Referendum, means to help Yeltsin to pave the road towards fascism. Propaganda and a demand that everyone utilize the "legal opportunity" and "Duma parliament," and although they are hidden under the phraseology of "communism" of former Particrats who sold their souls to Yeltsin... this is done in order to try and confuse the population, when a majority is becoming more and more active against Yeltsin and his clique.

AUCPB is calling on its members, sympathizers, all communists and patriots to take part in an ACTIVE BOYCOTT of the elections and referendum on the Constitution. The activity of a boycott does not only mean ignoring the elections to the Duma or the referendum on the Constitution, but it means to take advantage of the opportunity during this campaign for propaganda of the peoples anti-restoration of capitalism, to expose openly the maneuvers of the reactionary forces and to unite all the anti-Yeltsin forces into a mighty wave of protest in our country.

We must utilize all forms of protest against this act which in effect, tries to legalize the coming of fascism in our country.

We will not permit the legalization of reaction by any means!

DUMA and referendum or meeting of a Federal nature will not save our Motherland from the mafiosi regime!

The rightful path of our peoples democracy and socialism in Russia will, without fail, arise!

Anatoli Belickij
Secretary AUCPB

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