From Red Youth (Krasnaya Molodiozh)
Vladikavkaz, Russia
October, 1998

The Crisis in Russia

The present year is characterized by the deepening of the worldwide crisis of capitalism . The bourgeois propaganda is doing everything possible to conceal the real extent of this crisis. For instance, in the beginning of the year the Russian press assured that the crisis would only affect Southeast Asia, that the crisis would not reach Russia. Already at that time signs of an impending crisis had started to show up. Now they have become obvious. Still they refer only to a financial crisis, although in reality it affects the entire economy.

The world crisis is a result of the nature of capitalism. This mode of production has become exhausted. As the material and spiritual needs of the peoples grow, capitalism, in place of developing the economy and culture, only leads to economic collapse and the spiritual degradation of society.

In one way or another this crisis is affecting all countries in the world. But this crisis affects the underdeveloped countries most acutely, especially those whose economy is based on the production and export of raw materials. Now Russia is one of these countries. In recent years the capitalists have destroyed its economy, and now Russian lives on the export of oil, gas, electric power and other raw materials. But these prices have plummeted on the world market due to the overall global economic slowdown, and now Russia gets only half of what it did formerly. The regime assures that the crisis is temporary that the new government will do away with this crisis. But this is not true. Nothing and nobody will help the bourgeois regime.

Only the power of the workers can overcome this crisis. In order to establish this power, the working class must build a proletarian party and prepare at full speed for a new socialist revolution. Objective conditions for the revolution are growing extremely fast. The sufferings and wants of the toiling people are becoming more and more unbearable. The bourgeois power has proved incapable of ruling the country. Now everything depends on the level of organization of the proletariat. Only the proletariat, the most revolutionary class, leading the rest of the exploited masses will be able to overthrow the power of the capitalists and return it to the working people.

Long live the Socialist Revolution!
We Shall Win!

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