From "Krasnaya Molodyozh" (Red Youth)
No. 8, 1997.

The Khrushchevites yesterday and today and
how they distract the working class from the struggle.

In my opinion, among the existing parties in Russia there is not a single one that can claim to be the party of the working class, the party of the Leninist-Stalinist type.

The CPRF led by Zhuganov has completely negated Marx, dismissed the revolutionary essence of the class struggle, ignored the historical struggle between capital and labor and proclaimed that "the revolution is not the way out." They all forgot the warning of Lenin that the bourgeoisie will not give up power and whatever it has stolen from the toiling masses by peaceful means. They all want to seize power by parliamentary means although the bourgeoisie has shown more than once that it is well able to defend itself. In this party there is nothing communist, it is more a Cadet party.

There is another trend that assures us that under socialism the proletariat and the bourgeoisie can coexist. This is Maoism. The All-Union Communist Party (B) (AUCP(B)), led by Nina Andreeva, follows this line, and as do some other parties. They put Mao Zedong on the same level as Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Nothing of the sort! They publish in their organs articles and articles supporting this revisionist thesis. I would compare the method of work of the AUCP(B) with that of Khrushchev - removing militant activists. In this party there are very few workers and in the CC none at all. The AUCP(B). The principles of the Andreevites are based on the view that "the workers can wait." The AUCP(B) and other "Soviet" communist parties are passengers on the bankrupt Khrushchevite-Brezhnevite ship. This is what the General Secretary of the Party of Labor of Albania, a great Marxist and faithful friend of the great Stalin, Enver Hoxha, said in his book the "Khrushchevites":

"Khrushchev had to get rid of his opponents, not only in the Soviet Union but also in the countries of people's democracy. Those who believed in the Marxist-Leninist line of Stalin had to be culled from the party leaderships." [p. 63, c. 1] "Gottwald, an old friend and comrade of Stalin and Dimitrov, died suddenly. This grieved us, but also surprised us. Later came the equally unexpected death of Comrade Bierut, not to mention the earlier death of the great George Dimitrov. Dimitrov, Gottwald and Bierut all died in Moscow. What a coincidence!. The three of them were comrades of the great Stalin!" [p. 47, c.2] Khrushchev replaced Stalinist cadres by reactionaries like Gomulka, Zhivkov, Novotny, Gusak, Kadar and other. This the way the Khrushchevites restored capitalism not only in the USSR but in the countries of people's democracy.

And they still talk about Khrushchevite-Brezhnevite socialism. I think socialism was buried together with the great Stalin, together with the last reduction of prices and the liquidation of free bread. Another quotation from Enver Hoxha:

"Mao Zedong told me: 'See how freely we are speaking now. If Stalin were here, we would find it difficult to speak like this. When I met Stalin, before him I felt like a pupil in front of his teacher, while with Comrade Khrushchev we speak freely, like equal comrades... Who lifted this roof from us, who made it easier for all of us to understand the cult of the individual correctly?!... Comrade Khrushchev, and we thank him for this.'" [p. 97, c. 2] And these so-called "Bolsheviks" [Here the author refers to the members of the AUCP(B). Translator's note.] put the portrait of this enemy of Stalin, this renegade from Marxism-Leninism, together with the portrait of Stalin.

So, comrades, if you see communists with a portrait of Mao, you can be sure that they are members of a revisionist party. We have nothing to do with them. Let's take another example of the confusion fostered by the Andreevite AUCP(B). One of the organs of this party is called "Andropov's Pravda". Here it is not clear what truth [Pravda means truth in Russian. Translator's note.] is meant. Andropov continued the line of Khrushchev.

Enver Hoxha confirms this when he speaks about the Hungarian events of 1956:

"The Soviet ambassador in Hungary was a certain Andropov, a KGB man, who was elevated to power later and played a dirty role against us. This agent, with the label of ambassador, turned out to cooperate with ["founded himself surrounded by" in the official English translation] the counter-revolution... Andropov told our ambassador in Budapest: 'We cannot call the insurgents counter-revolutionaries... The new government [formerly tried for counter-revolutionary activities. Author's note.] is good and it is necessary to support it...'" [p. 83, c.1]

This is what Andropov's Pravda stands for. After this I wouldn't be surprised if a new organ of the AUCP(B) is founded with the name of "Khrushchev's Pravda" or "Gorbachev-Yeltsin's Pravda"...

So, dear comrade workers, be aware. If your opponent looks for the mistakes of the great Stalin, a great defender and leader of the working class, be sure you are faced with an enemy.

I believe that the revolutionary movement will get rid of this scum, that the working class will wake up, that it will stand together like a powerful fist and will defeat all its enemies, from the corrupt-criminal democrats to the opportunists of all kinds, provocateurs from these "communist parties." The working class will form a genuine workers' party, will establish its own dictatorship of the proletariat and under the banner of Lenin-Stalin will continue the path that was treacherously betrayed by yesterday's and today's Khrushchevites.

Long live the future revolution!

Shamil Tsiklauri

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