Proletarskaya Gazeta, No. 14

A New Generation of Revolutionaries

North Ossetia, Russia

The more the capitalists attack the lives and rights of the working class, the faster grow the protests of the oppressed masses and their will to struggle for their rights. In the anti-capitalist movement of Russia a decisive turning point has taken place.

A few years ago the Russian "communist" movement was basically represented by various sectors of the fallen revisionist CPSU, which represented bourgeois (supporters of Zhuganov [head of revisionist CPRF translator's note]) and petty-bourgeois interests of one or another social group of society. The word "communist," as used by contemporary Russian public opinion, is actually associated with retired senior citizens, who show up at some public gatherings, picket lines or other meetings and emotionally condemn the excessive impudence and greed of the ruling class, the ruling parasites. This is a sign of nostalgic remembrance of the past times of philistine decomposition of the era of the domination of Khrushchev revisionism and Soviet social-imperialism, very often speculating on the heroic past of the Soviet people in the time of the dictatorship of the proletariat. However, it is precisely these "communists" who have betrayed the Revolution and Socialism, the goals of the Bolsheviks and the revolutionary working class, the banner of their perished comrades, who have also betrayed the heroic past of the times of the Great Patriotic War.

In place of this deviant philosophy, degraded and by politically disoriented by Khrushchev-Brezhnev revisionism, a new generation of fighters for socialism is arising.

At the present time, a revolutionary movement in Russia is growing intensively and purposefully. A new revolutionary youth will inevitably lead all sections of the oppressed masses. However, this process will not take place spontaneously. The Marxist-Leninist forces within the revolutionary youth will grow and be strengthened in the intense struggle with the class enemy, and with the various political provocateurs within the ranks of the revolutionaries. Already at the present time a revolutionary-oriented youth has dedicated itself to change our society radically for a better one, i.e. to liberate the world from capitalism.

The Komsomol of Ossetia was organized few years ago, and today already represents a real political force, while continuing to develop and grow.

At the center of the activity of the Komsomol of Ossetia lie ideological questions. The members of the Komsomol are young communists, but a communist distinguishes himself from an ordinary fighter, first of all, by being able to solve problems in complicated situations posed by real life while standing by the proletarian class point of view, and not accepting as truth any unjustified lie of bourgeois propaganda. In order to avoid mistakes, it is important to study the basics of Marxist theory, to be together in practice with the oppressed masses of the people and immediately, to be aware of the circumstances dictated by real life. A young communist has to be capable of combining theory with concrete practice. A communist has to be able to explain clearly to the oppressed masses the essence of social reality, the methods and means of struggle on a tactical and strategic level.

Another direction of the activity of the Komsomol of Ossetia is military-sports preparation. The members of the Komsomol understand very well that changing society for a better one is possible only through the path dictated by practical revolutionary struggle, not by electoral means. Therefore, the members of the Komsomol of Ossetia pay special attention to sports and military preparation. In the summer they attend military-sports camps, they study the ABCs of military preparation, i.e. they prepare themselves physically for a serious practical struggle. Included in the program of the summer camp are hiking tours, marches-sprints, shooting lessons, parachute jumping and many other activities.

The circle of activities and concerns of young revolutionaries is as varied as the life of an honest person who has become conscious of his responsibility for the life of all mankind. In particular, the members of the Komsomol organize agitation brigades, based on revolutionary-patriotic art activities.

The basic reason why the youth joins the Komsomol is its intentions: to struggle for a better life for all the oppressed, and within their organization they learn how to struggle.

Basically, the Komsomol organization consists of children of workers and peasants. Many of them now work or used to work in production plants or in the villages before they began their political activities. Therefore, they know about class exploitation, not from stories but from practical experience. However, a fundamental base of the Komsomol consists of student youths those who are studying in elementary schools, PTUs (productive learning centers for workers), technical schools and higher educational institutions. The members of the Komsomol understand the importance of learning, because in the future they will not only have to make a Revolution, but also to build Communism. Consequently, their knowledge will be used in the future.

The basic thing that distinguishes the members of the Komsomol is their optimism. The confidence of the revolutionary youth in a victorious future revolution and the consolidation of a new social system in the country of Socialism is growing day by day. This system will liquidate the elementary problems of everyday life that so concern the working class, it will create the conditions for a decent existence, for the harmonic development of each individual and society as a whole. Today's youth will live that future, and therefore, the core of the fighters for socialism should consist mainly of youth, of a new generation of revolutionaries.

Vladimir Gabanov
North Ossetia, Russia

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