Material from U.S.

At this time there is no genuine Marxist-Leninist party in the United States. Any organization that seeks to be the nucleus for such a party must prove itself both by its line scientifically summed up in its program and by its practice. In particular its practice must be demonstrated by its ability to win over a substantial section of the advanced workers in at least a few major U.S. cities. We include material from some organizations that seek to build such a Marxist-Leninist party, as well as links to others.

We have added a section of archival material, consisting of material from the 1920s to the 1970s that is still of relevance today. This includes material that had been organized in other sections earlier.

Workers Communist Organization, USA

Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA, formerly Ray O. Light

Marxist-Leninist Organizer. This organization no longer exists, but it published worthwhile material available here.

Revolutionary Political Organization (M-L). This organization no longer exists, but it published worthwhile material available here.

Archival material

Vote for Bernie Sanders in the Primary, but..., Party of Communists, USA, 5/16

May Day Revived in the USA, Editor, ML Translations, 5/28/05

State Control of Phony "Marxist-Leninist" Groups, Editor, ML Translations, 12/7/04

Surveillance Increases at Anti-War Protests, 8/04

A War for Oil and Empire, NYC Working People's Voice, 6/03

Une Guerre pour le Pétrole et l’Empire, NYC Working People's Voice, 6/03, En Français

Free The Afro-American Nation, Afro-American Liberation League and the Amilcar Cabral/Paul Robeson Collective (M-L), 1982

Workers Communist Organization, USA

This organization no loonger exists.

La mayoria de su materia existe en ingles y en español.

Workers Advocate / Defensor Laboral, January 2014 /Enero 2014.
Pages 1-5 are in English, paginas 8-12 en español, and pages 5-6 are in both languages paginas 5-6 estan en los dos idiomas.

Workers Advocate, May 2013  Defensor Laboral Mayoo 2013

2nd Conference, November 2012  2da Conferencia, Noviembre 2012  in Word bookform / en Word formato de libro
Cover                                            Cubierta

1st Conference, June 2012 English only. In Word bookform

Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA
(Formerly the Ray O. Light Group)

This organization has no web site. It can be contacted by postal mail at:

607 Boylston St.
Lower Level Box 464
Boston, MA 02116

Publications List, Spring 2000

Time to Toss  Out Tyrant Trump!, 10/20, pdf format

The State of the Union Under the Trump Regime on Labor Day 2019, 9/19, pdf format

Further Reflections on the Communist International, 7/19, pdf format

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist International, 5/19, pdf format

EEUU fuera de Venezuela, 3/19, en formato pdf, en Español

Trump’s USA: No Country for Workers, 1/19, pdf format

Climate Change, Women, Cuba, 11/18, pdf format

Two Funerals—Two Sets of Problems, 9/18, pdf format

Trump’s USA: No Country For Children, 8/18, pdf format

The Current State of U.S. Society and of the U.S. Empire’s Government, 3/18, pdf format

Reflections on the Hundredth Anniversary Year of the Great October Socialist Revolution, 11/17, pdf format

Fight Back Begins — But Will It Be Enough?, 9/17, pdf format

President Trump's Criminal Missile Attack on the Sovereign State of Syria, 5/17, pdf format

Wall Street Remains in Firm Control of the Democratic Nationnal Committee, 3/17, pdf format

El impacto en el imperio de los EEUU y en la clase trabajadora internacional por el “sorprendente” triunfo de Trump, 1/17, en formato pdf, En Español

The World-Historic Achievements and Historical Significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution, 1/17, pdf format

The Impact of Trump’s “Surprise” Victory on the U.S. Empire and the International Working Class, 11/16, pdf format

The 2016 U.S. Election: The Last Two Months of the Presidental Campaign and Beyond, 9/16, pdf format

¡Wall Street ha acomodado al sistema a su manera!, 8/16, en formato pdf, En Español

Wall Street Has Rigged the System, 7/16, pdf format

Sanders Taught: Wall Street Has Rigged The System!, leaflet, 6/16, pdf format

"A Smoking Gun": The Obama-Clinton War on Libya and Africa, 5/16, pdf format

Un enfoque revolucionario a la campaña presidencial de Sanders, 5/16, en formato pdf, En Español

Wall St. Exercizes Its "Republicrat" Political Muscle, 3/16, pdf format

Wall St. Seeks Bailout by South Carolina Afro-Americans, 2/16, pdf format

A Revolutionary Approach to the Sanders Presidential Campaign, 1/16, pdf format

The Thaw in Cuba-U.S. Relations, 11/15, pdf format

To Enforce "Black Lives Matter" — What's Next, 9/15, pdf format

The Massacre of the Charleston 9, Obama’s Treachery and the Urgent Need for Afro-American National Liberation, 7/15, pdf format

TPP: Encarnación Económica de la Guerra del Imperio de EEUU en el País y en el Extranjero, 7/15, en formato pdf, En Español

TPP: Economic Embodiment of the U.S. Empire’s War at Home and Abroad, 5/15, pdf format (to read p. 9 more easily, right-click and choose "rotate clockwise" twice. When done reading the page, do that again)

Support the Kurdish Women Fighters Against ISIS and Oppose Imperialist War, 3/15, pdf format

Ferguson muestra el camino a seguir, 3/15, en formato pdf, En Español

Ferguson Shows the Way Forward, 1/15, pdf format

The 2014 U.S. Elections, 11/14, pdf format

Ferguson, Missouri: La Guerra Global de Terror del Imperio Estadounidense Llega a Casa, 11/14, en formato pdf, En Español

Ferguson, Missouri: The U.S. Empire’s Global War of Terror Comes Home, 9/14, pdf format

Los Niños Refugiados de Centro América, el Régimen de Obama y Nuestra Responsabilidad Revolucionaria, 8/14, En Español

The Life and Legacy of Chokwe Lumumba, 7/14

Ukraine: Current Focal Point of the U.S.-Led Imperialist War Drive, 5/14

NELSON MANDELA and the South African Revolution, 3/14

Boeing Workers Betrayed by IAM’s Buffenbarger and the Democrats, 1/14

2013 AFL-CIO Convention: "Inclusiveness" On the Road to Ruin, 11/13

Obama: Drum Major for Imperialist War, 9/13
Obama: Drum Major for Imperialist War, 9/13, pdf format

The U.S.-Backed Egyptian Military is Still in Power, 7/13

La Masacre de Boston — Entonces y Ahora, 6/13, En Español

The Boston Massacre ― Then and Now, 5/13

El Imperio Brutal y Decadente de EEUU y la Tragedia de la Escuela de Newtown, 4/13, En Español 

Wall Street Gives Obama’s Second Term Its Vote of Confidence!, 3/13

The Brutal and Decaying U.S. Empire and the Newtown School Tragedy, 1/13

Resultados de Elecciones 2012 en EEUU: El Imperio de EEUU Gana y Nosotros Perdemos, 12/12, En Español  

The 2012 U.S. Election Results: The U.S. Empire Wins and We Lose, 11/12, newsletter

The 2012 U.S. Election Results: The U.S. Empire Wins and We Lose, 11/12, leaflet in pdf format

Kruschov Mintió, 10/12, En Español

¡Los Maestros de Chicago Van a Huelga y Ganan!, 9/12, en formato pdf, En Español

The Chicago Teachers Strike and Win!, 9/12, in .pdf format

"The Declining U.S. Empire and the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections", 9/12

"La Zanahoria y el Garrote" de Obama sobre Inmigracion, 8/12, En Español

Protest “Republicrat” Rule at the Democratic National Convention, 7/12

The Caterpillar Plant Closing in Canada and the Need for Workers International Solidarity, 5/12

The Courageous Journey of Cindy Sheehan in the Heartland of World Capitalism, 3/12

Resistencia Contra el Programa de Deportaciones de Obama – “Comunidades Seguras”, 2/12, En Español

LABOR Vs. CAPITAL in the Struggle to Save the U.S. Postal Service, 1/12

“OCCUPY WALL STREET!” Why this Rebellion Deserves our Support, 11/11

Let's Fight for a Socialist Future!, 10/11, in .pdf format

The Debt Ceiling “Duel” of the Republicans “versus” Obama and the Democrats: Illusion and Reality, 9/11

Reflecting the Decline of the U.S. Empire – Wall Street Wins the Debt Ceiling Agreement and We, the People, Lose!, 8/11, in .pdf format

¡Las Masas Árabes Iluminan el Primero de Mayo Para Todos Nosotros!, 8/11, En Español

“Republicrats” Rescue of Obama on Libya Exposed!, 6/11

Some Alarming and Promising News on May Day 2011, 5/11

¡Las Mujeres Sostienen la Mitad del Cielo!, 3/11, En Español, en formato .pdf

May Day 2011: Unite and Fight for Jobs, Justice and Freedom! Power to the Workers!, 5/11, in .pdf format

Primero de Mayo 2011: ¡Unirse y Luchar para Trabajos, Justicia y Libertad! ¡Poder a los Trabajadores!, 5/11, En Español, en formato .pdf

Oppose U.S. Imperialist Attacks – in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and the USA!, 4/11, in pdf format

¡Oponerse a los Ataques Imperialistas de los EEUU – en Libia, Irak, Afganistán y los EUA!, 4/11, En Español, en formato .pdf

The Arab Masses are Taking their Future into their Hands!, 3/11

¡Los Trabajadores de Wisconsin Se Levantan en Defensa de los Sindicatos!, 3/11, En Español, en formato .pdf

¡El Pueblo de Túnez Se Levanta!, 3/11, En Español, en formato .pdf

Women Hold Up Half the Sky!, 3/11, in pdf format

Wisconsin Workers Standing Up Strong To Save The Unions!, 2/11, in pdf format

Obama’s Post-Election Honeymoon with the “Republicrat” Congress and the Question of the U.S. Imperialist State, 2/11

Tunisian Masses Rising Up!, 1/11

Do Tell: Gays in the U.S. Military, 12/10

The 2010 Election Charade in the Crisis-Ridden USA, 11/10

Informe del País 2010 – EUA, 11/10, En Español

Fight for Jobs / La Batalla Para Trabajos, 10/10, En Español and English, in .pdf format

Real U.S. War Heroes Are Rising Up – And They’re Needed!!, 9-10, 10

From the U.S. Gulf to Afghanistan: U.S.-led Capitalism Gives a Wake-up Call to Us All!, 7-8/10

El Golpe en Honduras, el Régimen de Obama y los Problemas de la Revolución en América Latina, 5/10, En Español

Defend the Public Postal Service, Good Jobs and our Communities, 5/10, in .pdf format

A Crusade to “Organize the Unorganized” Is on the Order of the Day in the USA!, 5-6/10

The Tea Party Movement, the Obama Regime and the Growing Fascist Danger in the USA, 3-4/10

¡Defienda y Ayuda al Pueblo de Haití – No a las Tropas de los EEUU!, 2/10, En Español en formato .pdf

La Inauguración de un nuevo Presidente – La Continuación del Dominio Imperialista de los EEUU, 2/10, En Español

Défendez et Aidez le Peuple d’Haïti – Non aux Troupes des États-Unis!, 2/10 in pdf form, En Français

Defend and Help the People of Haiti – No to U.S. Troops!, 1/10, in pdf form

The Honduran Coup, the Obama Regime and the Problems of the Revolution in Latin America, 1-2/10

“American Exceptionalism” in the Obama Era: The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and Michael Moore’s Love Affair With Capitalism, 11-12/09

Primero de Mayo 2008, 10/09, En Español

The Current U.S. Health-Care Debate and the Fight for Workers Power, 9/09

La Respuesta de los Trabajadores y los Pueblos Frente a la Crisis Mundial del Capitalismo, 8/09, En Español

The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) — A New Union For Workers In Hard Times, 7-8/09

“The Answer of the Workers and the Peoples to the Global Crisis of Capitalism”, 7/09

The Global Capitalist Collapse and the Awakening of the World’s Workers, 5-6/09

El Significado Positivo y Negativo de la Victoria Electoral de Obama, 12/08, En Español

Jail With No Bail for the Wall Street Rich!, 3/09
Jail With No Bail for the Wall Street Rich!, 3/09, in printable .pdf form on legal paper

¡Cárcel sin Fianza Para los Ricos de Wall Street!, 3/09, En Español
¡Cárcel sin Fianza Para los Ricos de Wall Street!, 3/09, en formato .pdf por papel tamaño legal,  En Español

The Collapse of Global Capitalism and the Need for a New Communist International, 3-4/09

The Inauguration of a new President – The Continuation of U.S. Imperialist Rule, 1-2/09

The Positive and Negative Significance of the Obama Election Victory, 11/08

The Georgia-Russia Conflict, the U.S. Presidential Election and the Decline of the U.S. Empire, 10-11/08

No Bailouts for the Wall Street Rich! – Jail 'Em!, 9/08

May Day 2008: The International Workers Holiday Finally Coming Back to the Land of its Birth, 8-9/08
May Day 2008: The International Workers Holiday Finally Coming Back to the Land of its Birth, 8-9/08, as printable booklet in .pdf form

The Obama and McKinney Campaigns for President: Which Path Towards Afro-American Freedom?, 5-6/08

Las Campañas de Obama y McKinney por la Presidencia: ¿Cuál Camino Conduce a la Liberación Afro-Americana?, 5-6/08,  En Español

Red Salute to Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran, 5/08

May Day 2008, 5/08

1º de Mayo 2008, 5/08, En Español

2008 U.S. Presidential Election: The Ultimate Deceit, 2/08

Elección Presidencial de los EEUU en 2008: El Gran Engaño, 2/08, En Español

¡Nace la Organización Revolucionaria Laboral, EUA!, 4/08, En Español

The 2008 Presidential Election, the Barack Obama Campaign, and the Need for Afro-American National Liberation, 2-3/08

Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA, is Born!, 1/08

The Revolutionary Significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution on its 90th Anniversary, 11/07

2007 Country Report – USA, 7/07

The Economic Motives for the Bush-led U.S. Imperialist War at Home and Abroad and the Need for Proletarian Revolution, 5/07

May Day 2007: Millions of Immigrant Workers Again on the Rise, 5/07

Primero de Mayo 2007: Millones de trabajadores inmigrantes se movilizan de nuevo, 5/07, En Español

Some Revolutionary Lessons of the 2006 U.S. Congressional Election, 12/06

The Growing Movement for Immigrant Rights in the USA and the Question of Immigration, 5/06

The AFL-CIO Split and the Fight for Workers Power, 11/05

The Iraqi National Liberation Movement and the World Proletarian Revolution, 9/05

Hurricane Katrina Exposes Imperialist Nature of System, 9/05

El Huracán Katrina Pone de Manifiesto la Naturaleza Imperialista del Sistema, 9/05, En Español

The G-8 Summit and the London Terror, July, 2005

Bush's Fascist Face and the Heroic Deeds of the Soviet People, June, 2005

The US Sponsored Election in Iraq and the Iraqi National Liberation Movement, March, 2005

Some Lessons of the 2004 US Presidential Election, January, 2005

The 2004 US Presidential Election and the Question of Fascism, September, 2004

Revolutionary Workers Organization is Key, September, 2003

The Enemy Is Not "War" But Imperialism!!, February, 2003

Joint Statement of ROL (USA) and CO-ML (Spain), Fall, 2002

Resolution in Support of the Philippine Revolution, July, 2002

Social Props of Bush's Terrorist War, March, 2002

Bush's Global Terrorist War and the September 11th Events, November, 2001

Imperialist Globalization and the Tasks of the Communists, September, 2001

Globalization and National Sovereignty – And the Struggle Against Opportunism, September, 2001

Lessons of the 2000 US Presidential Election, March 2001

From "No To WTO" To "No To China", September 2000

For Revolutionary Defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, April-May 2000

No To WTO!, December 1999

Toward A New Leninist Party, October 1981

In Support of the Struggle of the Party of Labor of Albania Against Revisionism, December 1977

The Role of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the International Marxist-Leninist Movement
The October Revolution vs. The "Cultural Revolution",  Youth for Stalin, April 1968

Marxist-Leninist Organizer

For a United Front Against the Capitalist Offensive, for Democratic Rights and Against War!, 5/02

Per un Fronte Unito contro l’offensiva capitalista, per i diritti democratici e contro la guerra!, 5/02, A Italiano

The War, the Anti-War Movement and the Task of Marxist-Leninists, 12/01

La Guerre, le Mouvement Anti-Guerre et la Tâche des Marxistes-Léninistes, 12/01, En Français

No To War!, 9/01

The Theory of Spontaneity and the Need for a Marxist-Leninist Party, 5/98

The Trade Unions Must Be Won to Marxism-Leninism!, 11/97

¡Los Sindicatos Deben Ser Ganados al Marxismo-Leninismo!, 11/97, En Español

Build a Genuine Communist Party in the United States, 7/97

Por la Construcción de un Partido Comunista Genuino en los Estados Unidos, 7/97, En Español

Open Letter to Unity & Struggle, 6/97

William F. Dunne and the Fight Against Revisionism in the CPUSA, 3/97

Workers World Party: A Party of Fightback Reform, Not A Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Party, 3/97


The Police Murder of Patrick Dorismond And the Role of the Grand Jury, 8/00

The Murder of Amadou Diallo, 2/99

Independence for Puerto Rico!, 7/98

¡Independencia Para Puerto Rico!, 7/98, En Español

Unite to Fight Against the Capitalist Attacks!, 6/98

¡Unámosnos para Luchar Contra los Ataques Capitalistas!, 6/98, En Español

May Day, 4/98

El Primero de Mayo, 4/98, En Español

Hands Off Iraq!, 2/98

The Frame-Up of Mumia Abu-Jamal, 12/97

U.S. Imperialism is Responsible for the Super-Exploitation of Immigrant Workers, 10/97

El Imperialismo EE.UU. es Responsable por la Súper-Explotación de los Obreros Inmigrantes, 10/97, En Español

The Torture of Abner Louima, 8/97

Revolutionary Political Organization (M-L)

March 8: International Working Women's Day, March 1987
Published by Trade Union Action League, Liberation League, Revolutionary Political Organizational (Marxist-Leninist)

The Klan Killed the Black Children in Atlanta, February 1987

Self-Determination, the Right to Secession for the Diné (Navajo) Nation, Workers' Herald, December 1983

Social Classes in the United States, Workers' Herald, October 1983

In Defense of the Right to Political Secession for the Afro-American Nation
Papers and Resolutions from the School on the Afro-American National Question, September 1982

Archival Material

The Degeneration of PRRWO, Former PRRWO Cadre, 1977

Lessons from the Degeneration of the PRRWO, Getting Together, 2/77

We Accuse: Bill Epton Speaks to the Court, Progressive Labor Party, 2/66, In memoriam: Bill Epton, 1932-2002

Turning Point

Turning Point was the publication of a group called The Communist League, one of the earliest of the anti-revisionist groups formed after World War II. The publication lasted until about 1960.

         First Aid For Communists Suffering From Shock, January-February, 1957

         Khrushchev's Un-Secret Speech, August, 1956

         Le Discours Non Secret de Khrushchev, Août, 1956, En Français

         Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Khrushchev (In Defense of Stalin), April-May, 1956

The Great Sit-Down Strike, William Weinstone, Communist Party, U.S.A.,  March, 1937

New: Industrial Unionism, William Z. Foster, 1936

A Labor Party for the United States, Material from the 55th Convention of the American Federation of Labor, 1935

New: Why Communism? M.J. Olgin

The Trade Union Unity League, Its Program, Structure, Methods and History, n.d. (about 1930)

New: Permanent Counter-Revolution: The Role of the Trotzkyites in the Minneapolis Strikes, William F. Dunne & Morris Childs, 1934

New: The Great San Francisco General Strike, William F. Dunne, 1934

New: Gastonia: Citadel of the Class Struggle in the New South, William F. Dunne, 1929

New: The Revolutionary Role of Worker Correspondents, William F. Dunne, 1927

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