The Brutal and Decaying U.S. Empire and the Newtown School Tragedy

by RAY LIGHT  “Violence is as American as Cherry Pie!”— H. Rap Brown, Afro-American liberation fighter Also included in this issue:A Labor Movement Lacking “Class”“If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention” On December 14, 2012, a troubled twenty year old white upper middle class youth, went into the Sandy Hook elementary school in white … Read more


A paper from the COMMUNIST LEAGUE (Britain) The Concept of Social Class The concept of social class as “a division or order of society according to status (‘The Oxford English Dictionary’, Volume 3; Oxford; 1989; p. 279) is a very ancient one, the English word ‘class’ being derived from the Latin ‘classis’, meaning each of … Read more

The Growing Movement for Immigrant Rights in the USAand the Question of Immigration

Immigrant Workers Protest Across the USA Hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers and their families took to the streets in cities and towns throughout the United States during the months of March and April in strong, united, dignified and just opposition to the threatened US government criminalization of undocumented immigrants. Significant mass demonstrations were reported … Read more