The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) — A New Union For Workers In Hard Times

[The Newsletter presented below was written in early June, prior to the just concluded union election of Fresno, California home care workers. While the NUHW did not prevail in this election, the results nevertheless support our optimistic assessment of this new and rising democratic union. A news update following this article explains the reasons for … Read more


Aprila 1931. godine rađa se Španska republika. Na izborima su pobedili republikansko-socijalistički kandidati, što izaziva manifestacije podrške širom Španije. Kralj Alfonso XIII morao se odreći prestola. Obrazovana je Skupština (Kortes), nova vlada i donesen je novi Ustav. Problemi koji stoje pred Republikom su brojni: od agrarnog do nacionalnog pitanja, od pitanja vojske koja je pod … Read more

The Petty Bourgeoisie

The petty bourgeoisie is an intermediate class between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, composed of a myriad of different sectors which vary from poverty-stricken to wealthy. It is divided into two main sections: 1) the small proprietors who still own the means of their own livelihood and “work for themselves”; and 2) the petty bourgeois … Read more


Police records recently obtained by lawyers for Wayne Williams* have now confirmed what politically aware people have asserted all along: that it was the ku klux klan that carried out the serial murders of the Black children in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981. These records reveal that the government authorities knew exactly who was carrying out … Read more